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we believe that every meal should be a complete experience. It should engage your every sense… the smell of bread pudding wafting through the room… the sight of a grilled chicken breast, lightly browned, smoke rising into the air… the taste of a tender roast leg of lamb, seasoned to perfection.

But unforgettable experiences like this don’t happen by accident. They require careful planning, the right ingredients, and the very best cooking methods. And having recipes that have stood the test of time for generations doesn’t hurt.

We’ve been making this kind of great food for centuries. Every dish we cook is built on a time-tested recipe that’s been passed down through our family, refined and perfected along the way. You’ll be able to taste the influence of our culture through the ingredients and spices chosen. And every bite will offer a small glimpse into our family’s heritage.


Our goal is to provide everyone a truly unforgettable experience. That’s the reason we slow cook all of our meat using hardwood lump charcoal. Unlike charcoal briquettes, hardwood charcoal allows the chef to make incredibly fine adjustments to the cooking temperature, ensuring your lamb or chicken is never overcooked or tough. We only use the very best ingredients in our dishes, like AAA-grade beef and premium quality cuts of lamb.

At FUSION SEVN, our mission is simple – share great food with great people.



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When you choose FUSION SEVN, you’re choosing more than a place to grab a bite to eat. 

You’re choosing a culinary experience.